Today in the city Lake Forest 21.07.2017
Democrats’ Lessons from Jon Ossoff Loss: Move Left, Forget Civility

Democrats are concluding that Jon Ossoff's disappointing loss to Karen Handel in the special election for Georgia's 6th congressional district on Tuesday means they must move even further left, and re...

This is what it's like to buy a London flat under shared ownership — the scheme that helps millennials get on the property ladder

Like many 20-something Londoners, the idea of owning my own place had always seemed so wildly unlikely that I didn’t bother worrying about it. I had taken it as a given that my monthly rent and...

Unfunny guy mansplains comedy to female comedian on first date

Of all the things never to say to a female comedian, this hideous conversation on Channel 4's First Dates contains the very worst. While Russell was on a first date with comedienne Kelly, he decided t...

The GOP health-care bill: Now meaner, and with less heart

President Trump is reportedly worried that the House GOP's health-care bill is too "mean." He wants the Senate version to have "more heart." But if anything, the Senate's in-progress bill is even mean...

Vermont Governor Signs on Lake Champlain International Plan

Officials from Vermont, New York, Quebec and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have committed to combining their efforts to reduce pollution in Lake Champlain.

First iPhone reviews 'didn't get it,' former Apple exec Forstall says

While Scott Forstall wasn't concerned with the negativity in early reviews of the first iPhone in 2007, he said the critics looked at the wrong things.

Woman buys first bikini after having 2 STONE of skin removed following amazing 12 stone weight loss

Woman buys first bikini after having 2 STONE of skin removed following amazing 12 stone weight loss .

Five Ways To Avoid Cloud Lock-in

The risk of lock-in is especially great with cloud providers because, unlike software vendors, cloud providers do not have to perform an audit to know how often you’re using their platform. They can s...

First NASDAQ IPO Using Regulation A+ Lists, We Explore How It Came Together

Last week the first NASDAQ IPO via Regulation A+ listed, NASDAQ:(ADOM) the lead underwriter was Boustead Securities. This is the second major market IPO using Reg A+ in one week and blazes a trail for...

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